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Photography that is relaxed, honest and creatively captured. My passion, to tell stories to deliver beautiful imagery and to have fun along the way.  I love unique, authentic, creative weddings! All beautifully captured with wonderful colour, tone, a sense of mood, atmosphere and feeling to the imagery we deliver.

Alongside the photography I wanted my journey in the industry to share positivity and JOY, all while being real and sharing my own personal experiences, my inspirations, learnings and to express the real celebration of the life I lead through photography. Authenticity being the foundation, love being its framework and human connection being its heartbeat.

Authenticity being the foundation, love being its framework and human connection being its heartbeat.

What brought you to evolving Lamb Loves into Thirty Eight North

While our core belief in documenting stories remains the same, Thirty Eight North was a natural progression driven by experience and me maturing as a creative, a photographer and the learnings I have gained through the past three years. Thirty Eight north forms the foundation of future creative directions, ambitions and brings my personal desire to share joy through my photography and drive a positive, social message.  Our focus is to bring the authentic, feel good message to our ever demanding and sometimes overwhelming digital world. Sharing real stories across the wedding and elopement spectrum is what we will most certainly share alongside us uplifting the message of kindness, celebrating and highlighting the amazing talent of supplier in the industry, and equally giving you better insight in to who we are. We embrace discussion about everything and anything and we’ll champion openness.

In addition to this, the last two years has seen a huge shift in my personal life. My marriage ended in Jan 2018, the lows and natural process of navigating my way through healing, absolutely meant that at some points over the past two years I found myself a little overwhelmed, almost defeated at the challenge I was facing, however fast forward, time to gain clarity, perspective and strength has re-enforced my belief in celebrating the joy in life even when life throws us that curve ball. I’ve grown allot and in finding myself again, my determination to share the love, the joy is fiercely strong.  For me attaching a ‘feel good’ message to everything I do while giving insight into creative processes and me as a person really has become the exciting part of this journey and a real motivator to push through and bravely step forward on my new path.

Naturally Thirty Eight North is also a departure from my married name and is a positive move at a pivotal point-in my life and me trusting in the magic of new beginnings.

' A business that celebrates balance, joy, creativity, positivity and drives discussion, inspiration and most importantly raises love to the highest of levels.

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It's simple baby! We want to share the love, share positivity, inspire and share real stories, engage in discussion, share insight into the behind the scenes here at HQ , and give you an honest view into our creative world and the daily happenings of a photographer. We wont hold back, we plan on being us! Ultimately we want our followers to feel connected to us, to know us and to feel great about being part of our journey.

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We've gone green

We wanted to do our part for the planet. All our packaging and creative USB boxes are made and put together from recycled papers and materials.This includes us using dried wedding flowers to fill our boxes and USB bottled.

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