'All she ever wanted was unpredictable kisses and unforgetable laughter' -

I love. I laugh. I love to create

Hello!I’m Michele. My photography is an extension of me, my wonderfully full life, inspired by beautiful, ordinary moments. My favourite things, family, friends, cottage living, singing in the car or anywhere (I can’t sing), adventure and exploring gorgeous landscapes and spaces with friends old and new.

My biggest inspiration and motivation, my little boy, he keeps me honest and is a reminder of everything that is wonderful in this world! I’m equally proud to be mum to two amazing and gorgeous pups Hank and Runkle (Dog and animal lovers welcome!).

I’ll be the girl who will laugh with you, probably bounce into a room with a huge wave and goofy smile. I love to chat, to meet new people and to hear my couples story. I’m a hopeless romantic and not ashamed of it, I love, love. I love the spoken words at weddings, the emotional, personal moments, and yes I will probably well up , because I am so passionate about the sentiment and truth  of what love represents. I’m definitely new to this world and learn every day, I share who I am with you openly and I’ll instantly be your  friend, because life is so much fuller with people and human connection is at the heart of everything I do.