A conversation with me

who are you as an artisit

I think a huge part of my work is largely connected to the person I am and the way I view and live my life. As a person I think I have always been creatively minded, I have always led with emotion and feeling and instinctively been creative. Honest connection has always been a fundamental value of mine and I have always been inspired by peoples stories and experiences. As an artist I am constantly evolving, I think this comes with my own personal journey, I think growth is constant and is born from my day to day experiences and inspirations. My love and fascination with people, their personal connections, their journey and the beautiful simplicity in honest moments and the joy in the less staged moments is what I love most about photography. As an artist my strength lies is my observations and how I capture the ‘in the moment’ image.

how would you describe your style

Relaxed, creative and natural. I love colour and tone.My style incorporates cinematic tones and has an analogue influence. Rich colour and a slightly moodier feel to my editing style but I equally love light. I love manipulating natural light to create mood and feeling within an image.


what do you love most about weddings

It is a day like no other. I love how unique and personal they are to each couple. I love the sentimental details. I feel every part of a wedding day is magical from the getting ready pre- I do moments to the heartfelt words spoken, but most of all I love the joy and love that is involved in it all. The reactions, the story. For me the most authentic weddings are the ones that are about the connection, the journey and the hopes and dreams for the future, the honest conversations the realness of the commitment to each other. Creatively I started photography documenting moments within my own life with the people I loved the most in their environments so weddings really are an extension of this for me. I adore weddings and locations that are less traditional and that are not about the ‘big’ production but rather about the couple and them staying true to themselves.

who is your ideal client

Collaboration is important to me. I think it’s not really about what my ideal clients looks like but rather in what they envision for their day and their values when approaching their wedding day planning. Every couple is different and that is what I love so much about what I do. I can document the same venue a hundred times but every gallery is personal to the couple and who they are. I do believe in like mindness, I think my ideal couple will have an appreciation for the artistry of what I do, a patience for the investment I offer and I genuine love and trust in my style and vision. I think this certainly comes from my approach being less about me being a commercial, traditional photographer, for me it really is about the journey we go on, I invest allot of me in what I do.  With my style and capture in mind I think I am best suited too couples that have a less staged style of photography in mind. I adore the creative locations anything  from forest, mountain tops through to uniquely chosen venues that embrace the rawness of beautiful Scottish architecture, old buildings, warehouses, historic locations and anything that offers up a more personal less traditional take on the ‘big white wedding’ Anything rustic, authentic, contemporary is my comfort zone. Ultimatley couples who are authentic to themselves are the ones I hope to connect with.

what do you capture

I capture it all. From the details, the landscapes, a sort of set the scene approach, to the candid moments, all naturally captured as and when they happen. Your gallery will be include coverage of all the moments within your day and the people. The before, the during straight through to the party. While I take a candid approach to documenting your day, I do offer time in the day for more formal group shots which I plan with my couples ahead of their wedding day. My approach to your couples imagery is more about you taking time out of your wedding day for yourselves to soak in the sentiment of your wedding day, just the two of you, all naturally captured. In a nutshell I love the mix of it all. Your gallery will be a summary celebration of the feeling, the people, location and details.

what is the lead time on your galleries

In general I work within a 12 week time frame with the aim to deliver galleries within a 8 week timescale. I think for me, it really is important for couples to understand and value that speed isn’t a priority for me, the genuine investment to building and creating the story as well as delivering imagery that is edited with a more cinematic, film feel takes longer that coupled with the time I spend with my couples pre-wedding day means I value the experience as a whole and while I try not to shoot more then 20 weddings a year, I offer the same dedication to all my couples.  There is a huge amount of work that goes into the post production of a wedding day. Timescales can also be dependent on time of season, but there really isn’t a ‘busy’ few months, I tend to document weddings all year round and the capture of weddings is  only 20% of what goes into the producing your gallery. It really isn’t as simple as click and deliver. If couples have a love for my style and my approach to the journey I suppose the  trade off is I don’t turn things round as quick as a more commercial photographer. These are your forever photos, they are worth the time and love from me. With this being said I offer a private preview for my couples within 2 weeks of their wedding date as a snippet of whats to come, a mini gallery of up-to 100 images which allows the excitement to live on post wedding day.

what is the biggest misconception about being a photographer

Being in the creative world, sometimes there is the implication that taking pictures for a living is not a ‘real’ job. It took me a long time to let go of those  assumptions and ignore them. I feel though like with anything knowledge and conversation about what it takes to be a photographer helps disarm that stigma. I run a business like any other  with a multitude of sides to it, from website, social media, brand development to client interaction to name a few, all these dimensions make my role as photographer interesting and very busy. There is a huge amount to juggle on a day to day basis. The creative process isn’t just about point and shoot, so much goes into the capture aspect and post production of an image and every photographer is different, there really isn’t a right way but rather the right way that works for me. Being a self taught photographer I invested a huge amount into self learning and  studying my craft, personally I encourage learning every time I shoot and am constantly experimenting and pushing myself forward as a photographer, harnessing and shaping my style. I am the sort of photographer that is less concerned with the technical teachings of how a camera works, or the latest new camera or lens. I shoot with great camera’s and lenses but I love the freedom of  experimenting that has come with being self taught, I don’t feel I am restricted by the ‘rules’. Photography is so varied and with like most creative mediums it really is personal and if people connect to what I do then of course that is amazing, but shooting fo myself is definitely what has helped me be an individual and grow my own style and ultimately staying true to my vision is what people buy into and collaborate with me on.What we do is like any other job, it takes a learnt skill. You can have the greatest camera and set it on auto, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll capture an image that people connect with. We are however in a digital age that allows everyone to play and experiment with  photography and I love that. I love that memories can be captured and kept so easily and are so accessible, I think there is a place for both the enthusiast and the professional and yes the lines can be mixed but ultimately what I personally do as a photographer is offer my own art and interpretation of how I see things.

what do you need from your clients to capture beautiful imagery

This is a great question that I think we don’t get asked enough. Being self employed and running your own business it is most certainly and rightfully in most cases about how you can make your clients have that wow experience and am I giving them the best of me but it is a two way street, yes I am paid for my services and contractually there is a commitment made, but the  commitment between both client and photographer has a mutual responsibility. I think first and foremost I love my couples to be themselves. A huge part of this is the relationship we enter into, because it is just that a relationship that offers a mutual respect for each other and what’s important to us individually. Creative trust is a huge thing and openness from the start. You can’t book a photographer in the hope that will offer the style of another photographer. So I think what I personally admire and respect most is me being chosen for my art and the love for my approach and my imagery. I encourage clients to ask as many questions as they need to and I take the time to really understand what they envision and want from their photographer. If we are the right fit then great but ultimately photography is a personal choice and its important.For me, I love when clients respect the process and trust I am working hard for them, from my learnings through the past I think me being open about the process and timescales has been a huge development of  mine,  patience from couples who trust that I am working hard behind the scenes to create a beautiful gallery is so important and understanding I may not immediatly answer that email because I am in a creative bubble is appreciated.

where do you draw inspiration from

In short everywhere. I think day to day life inspires me. I am always doing something creative so naturally I am always learning, reading and trying new creative avenues, I think my diversity in the love of all things creative really does inspire my style and will always contribute to my photography. I love travel and adventure so the outdoors is somewhere I love to escape to on a day to day basis, music and film really are something I can’t live without and certainly in the last year, reading and connecting with inspirational people outside the wedding, photography industry has been a great avenue for self development and inspiration. I guess I’m like a sponge, I love to feel everything I do and channel that into my photography. So yes, I’d say life, people and a general passion for creative industries is where I draw the bulk of my inspiration from.